Edelbrock 1913 - Carburetor, AVS2 Series, 800 CFM, Electric Choke

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  • EDL-1913
  • Designed and calibrated for optimal performance in big-block engines
Edelbrock’s Annular Flow Booster technology brings superior fuel atomization to all... more
Edelbrock 1913 - Carburetor, AVS2 Series, 800 CFM, Electric Choke

Edelbrock’s Annular Flow Booster technology brings superior fuel atomization to all high-horsepower small- and big-block engines with the AVS2 800 CFM Electric Choke Carburetor #1913 that is specially calibrated to make power. Annular Flow Boosters deliver near EFI-like drivability that you can feel as soon as you step on the gas. Fuel distribution is refined by eight equally spaced orifices in the booster rings that replace down-leg boosters which simply dump raw fuel into the venturi. Flat spots are completely eliminated, and throttle response in the low- to the mid-RPM range is improved tremendously without sacrificing that top-end power that Edelbrock is known for. The AVS2 is unaffected by engine backfires since there are no power valves to blow out.

For fast and simple part-throttle tuning, metering rods and springs can be changed in seconds without carburetor removal or fuel draining. AVS2 carbs have the unique ability to "hold a tune” when compared to other carburetors. Your tuning and adjustments stay unchanged, so performance remains consistent. Updated primary and secondary booster clusters in the AVS2 offer the most accurate and up-to-date calibration available for today's fuels and octane levels. Additionally, the unique Qwik-Tune Secondary Air Valve allows for limitless calibration of the secondary circuit. Adjustments can be with simple hand tools in seconds to suit your application. The AVS2 features a two-piece ease-of-tuning design that lets you make float level adjustments or replace internal components without draining the fuel from the carburetor or removing it from the engine.

Calibrated for ultimate performance
#1912 is calibrated for single-quad applications and factory equipped with: Metering Jets - Primary .104, Secondary .104, Primary Rod .065 x .052, orange spring (5' Hg). Use carburetor Studs #8008 or #8024 if needed. Match with an Edelbrock intake manifold for the ultimate induction upgrade

CFM: 800
Choke: Electric
Color/Finish: Satin, Endurashine
Emission: Without EGR
Flange: Square Bore
Usage: Street, Hi-Performance
Carburator Setup: Single-Carburator
Barrel: 4
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Installation Notes
    • Thunder Series AVS2 Carburetors will work with Ford automatic overdrive transmission (AOD) when used with Lokar bracket SRK-4000
    • Edelbrock carburetors are not calibrated for or compatible with alcohol, race or E85 pump fuel. The use of alcohol or E85 in your Edelbrock carburetor will damage your carburetor and void your warranty.
    • The use of a new fuel filter between the fuel pump and carburetor is required. Failure to do so will void the manufacturer warranty
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