TechnoVersions TM-03A - TachMatch, Tachometer matcher

TachMatch, Tachometer matcher
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  • TEC-TM-03A
TachMatch is a solution for making your tachometer work when things just don't match up as they... more
TechnoVersions TM-03A - TachMatch, Tachometer matcher

TachMatch is a solution for making your tachometer work when things just don't match up as they did at the factory. Did you do an engine conversion? Maybe change the type of tachometer drive signal by installing a different ignition? Install an engine with more cylinders? You don't have to change your tachometer or instrument panel - you can install a TachMatch tachometer adapter into your car, truck or boat.

How TachMatch Works.

1 Tach input: The TachMatch TM-03 accepts most standard tachometer inputs. If you have a standard coil and points ignition, connect TachMatch to your coil. If you are using an aftermarket system to control the coil, such as an MSD, TachMatch accepts its tachometer output signal. If you have a typical GM HEI ignition, the HEI tachometer output signal drives TachMatch. If you are driving your tach from an ECU, the TachMatch allows you to configure an internal pull-up resistor for compatibility.
2 Cylinder Conversion: If your tachometer is designed for a different number of cylinders than your engine, The TachMatch TM-03 can change the frequency appropriately to correctly drive your tachometer. By selecting how many cylinders your engine has (1-8), and how many cylinders your tach expects (1-8), a wide variety of ratios are available, anywhere from 1:8 ratio to an 8:1 ratio.
3 Tach Drive Output: The TachMatch TM-03 sends the corrected signal to your tachometer. It can drive standard voltage-driven tachs, vintage tachs (such as older Stewart Warner, Radatron or Sun tachs), or if you have a current-driven tach, specify the TachMatch TM-03-I-Drive which also includes a power resistor. If you have a hard-to-drive voltage-driven tach, the TachMatch V-Boost provides a higher amplitude signal.

2 TachMatch Products. 

  • The standard TachMatch TM-03a is used in most applications. It allows triggering from a coil ignition, HEI, MSD, and ECU tach output signals. It will directly drive most voltage-driven tachometers, as well as vintage tachometers, such as early Sun, S-W and Radatron units which are typically identified by only having two terminals on the back, labeled + and -. With vintage tachometers, the TachMatch is installed in place of the original sender module, which is no longer necessary.
  • The TachMatch TM-03a I-Drive is used for applications where the tachometer is current-driven, rather than voltage-driven. This applies to early '70s Datsuns, Smiths and Jaeger gauges marked RVI and others where there is a loop of wire on the rear of the tachometer. It is the same as the standard TachMatch TM-03-a but also includes a power-shunt resistor.
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