Edelbrock 5066 - Torker II Manifold, Ford 429/460

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  • EDL-5066
Edelbrock Part # 5056 Torker II 460 intake manifold is designed for 429/460 c.i.d. Ford V8's... meer
Edelbrock 5066 - Torker II Manifold, Ford 429/460

Edelbrock Part # 5056 Torker II 460 intake manifold is designed for 429/460 c.i.d. Ford V8's used in marine and high-performance applications. Manifold not equipped with EGR. Will fit 429 Cobra-Jets. Manifold will not accept stock Motorcraft spread-bore carburetor. Will not fit 1988 and later models.

  • 2500 to 6500 RPM high-performance street engines
  • Single-plane low-rise intake good for high RPMs
  • Ideal for applications with limited hood clearance
  • For top-end HP and adequate throttle response
Car/Engine: Ford Big Block
Engine Notes: 429/460 cui - 1987 and earlier
Color/Finish: Satin
RPM Range: 2500-6500
Serie: Torker II
Emission: Without EGR
Flange: Square Bore
Intake Style: Single Plane
Usage: Hi-Performance
Carburator Setup: Single-Carburator
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Installation Notes
    • Intake gasket: Edelbrock # 7223 or Fel-Pro # 1230/#1231
    • Manifold height.: A-3.50", B-4.25"
    • Carburetor pad height: 3.87"
    • Carburetor recommendations: Edelbrock AVS2 or Performer Series 750-800 cfm. For automatic transmissions use # 1483 and # 1495 or # 1844
    • Camshaft Recommendations: Performer RPM #7167
    • Port exit dimensions: 1.75" x 2.10"
    • Use RTV sealant to properly seal end seals, such as Edelbrock High Temp Silicone sealant # 1076, DO NOT USE END SEALS GASKETS.
    • Hardened washers Must be used with intake bolts to ensure proper torque and prevent galling of the aluminum.
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